Kansas startups win $60K from WSU Jumpstart competition

February 17, 2017

The winners of the Wichita State University Jumpstart Kansas Entrepreneurs competition were announced Friday to a full house in the Experiential Engineering Building on campus.

Recipients of the $10,000 awards for the development and production of technology-based Kansas businesses are:

The program was coordinated by WSU Ventures and funding was provided by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

The winners were selected based on several criteria including technical merit, development stage, commercialization timeline, job growth forecast, collaboration with partners and time and money invested. 

“This competition not only helps us identify emerging technologies among our faculty, staff and student body at Wichita State, but also helps us link innovators outside the university with valuable university resources,” said Mark Torline, director of WSU Ventures and the Center for Entrepreneurship. “These are truly technologies that will be an economic driver for the state of Kansas.”

The funding awarded will be used by the recipients for expanding their ability to conceive, develop, and / or produce technologies and to deploy new technology-based processes. Reimbursable expenses include technical assistance, feasibility studies, planning, market intelligence, lab fees, domestic travel, technology / process development, faculty or research fees, student wages and training software / information technology.

The goal of JumpStart Kansas Entrepreneurs is to incentivize and encourage new businesses while developing the entrepreneurial spirit in the state by partnering with universities. The initiative is meant to showcase the opportunities and inherent resources available to Kansas entrepreneurs.

Chem-Blade from Eck Fabrication, led by Ethan Eck
The Chem-Blad ES will isolate operators from dangerous chemicals and ergonomically do all the procedures automatically. Spraying windows are almost always tight with the potential of wind or storms on the horizon. It is important to be in the field spraying instead of sitting still loading that is why the Chem-Blade is valuable for the operator. Our slogan is "More time saved, more acres sprayed." 
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ESP-Dlux Automated Germicidal Light Infection Control System from Elevated Health Systems, led by Ann DuPuis
The ESP-DLux™ adapts to the diverse and changing biosecurity needs which arise throughout many industries, using multiple occupancy sensors and wireless controls to automatically and continuously provide the highest level of UVC hygiene appropriate to the enclosed space. Currently, one in twenty five patients entering a hospital acquire an infection there and many are re-admitted due to this, costing an average hospital over $6M in penalties and expenses annually.
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Mobile App and Web Based Lawn and Snow Removal services from Lawn Buddy, by Steven Werner
Use Lawn Buddy today for all of your lawn care needs. We provide on-demand or scheduled lawn care and snow removal services with no contracts! Download the app today and let us show you how we are bringing an archaic industry into the 21st century!
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Health care monitoring system from Mobile Health Link, by Chris Deck
Our goal is to enable health care providers to have access to up-to-date health data of their patients using a low-cost platform with state of the art data analytics to identify changes in health as quickly as possible. We also seek to provide patients, irrespective of the digital divide, with an intuitive device that supports the survey process as well as a variety of other telehealth interventions.
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 Wordprint Project from Professors of Peace, by Johnna Crawford, graduate student
Professors Of Peace (POP) Global is a young and growing company that develops creative products and software for emotional processing and mood management. POP has developed an innovative process that merges the benefits of therapeutic writing with intuitive word analysis software. The InGage program addresses the needs and demands of individuals while being adaptable for larger facilities.
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Next generation adhesive athletic wearable from Vytal, by Jared Goering, sophomore, and Spencer Steinert, freshman
Vytal is a next-generation adhesive wearable that uses biometric information to empower the next generation of quantified athletes with hardware based on 510K FDA-approved technology with nine months of human clinical testing.
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